Status of State Government Offices

Regarding the 2017 Solar Eclipse on August 21: This event, while historic, does not constitute a state of emergency or hazardous weather.  Therefore, state government will be open on Monday August 21, regardless of county closings

The South Carolina Department of Administration has provided a few tips for managing employees during Monday’s event.  First, Admin encourages state agency management to accommodate leave requests to the extent possible.  For employees at work, consider encouraging them to bring their certified glasses to view the eclipse on a break, if they can do so without disrupting customer service to constituents.   While it is not necessary to close State government due to this event, Admin does encourage everyone to work out solutions for employees.

Admin recommends that employees avoid driving during the event unless necessary, as they and others may become distracted.  For employees working outside, please ensure they are reminded not to look directly at the eclipse without certified glasses. 

Thank you for ensuring that employees enjoy this historic event safely.