SCEMD to Host Military Installations Seminar

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Representatives of resident military installations within South Carolina will on Tuesday meet with state and county emergency managers as part of a disaster preparedness seminar hosted by the S.C. Emergency Management Division. Participants will discuss best practices and lessons learned during the response to Hurricane Irma and other emergencies involving mutual support of federal military installations and local governments.
Representatives of active duty, Reserve and National Guard components have registered to attend the event, the third of its kind to be hosted by the South Carolina Emergency Management Division of the Adjutant General’s Office.  The seminar will include remarks by Brigadier General Brad Owens, Director of the S.C. National Guard Joint Staff, and Kim Stenson, SCEMD Director.
“The large-scale emergencies that we prepare for and respond to do not stop at the gates of a military installation,” Stenson said, “This seminar is an opportunity to discuss how military and local emergency plans are integrated during responses to disasters and emergencies such as Hurricanes Irma and Matthew as well as the historic flood event that affected South Carolina in 2015.”
Also included on the agenda is a preview of the upcoming state full-scale disaster preparedness exercise called “GRIDEX.” This exercise, scheduled for November 15-16, will test the state and local capabilities to respond to the consequences of a simulated, large-scale power grid failure.
In addition to the S.C. National Guard and the S.C. State Guard, which play major roles in emergencies and disasters, invited military personnel include members of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers from installations including Fort Jackson in Columbia, Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, Marine installations at Parris Island and Beaufort, Navy and Coast Guard installations in Charleston, and military units at the Donaldson Center in Greenville.  Federal presence also will include the Federal Emergency Management Agency Defense Coordinating Officer.
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