Mailing Address:
2779 Fish Hatchery Road
West Columbia, SC  29172
Phone: 803-737-8500
TTY: 803-737-8580
FAX: 803-737-8570
Kim Stenson, Director
Steven Batson, Chief of Staff
Danielle Maynard, Legal Advisor
Barbara McDaniel, Personnel Liaison/Administrative Assistant
Joseph Farmer, Public Information Director
Derrec Becker, Public Information Coordinator
Morgan Denny, Chief of Finance and Administration
Darlene Erskine, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Ramona Wadford, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Deborah Dawson, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Ken Braddock, Chief of Plans            
Dave Harbison, Plans Manager
Justin Kier, Hurricane Program Manager
Tammie Dreher Wells, Earthquake Program Coordinator
Francis Tubolino, Natural Hazards Plans Coordinator
Katie Ertell, GIS Analyst
Pat Miller, Risk Management Coordinator
Louis Walter, Training Manager
Sharon Lynch, Training Coordinator
Lorraine Dillon, Weapons of Mass Destruction Exercise Planner
David Perry, Exercise Planner
Open, Chief of Logistics
Jamie Blair, Logistics Manager
Daneen Lewis, NIMS/Credentialing Coordinator
Alex Smith, Facility Manager
Brannon Davis, State Warning Point Manager
             Lee Knight, Warning Point Operator
             Kelley Huff, Warning Point Operator
             Carol Evans, Warning Point Operator
             Robin Ellis, Warning Point Operator
             Betty Steele, Warning Point 
             Viva Goddard, Warning Point Operator
             Beth Joles , Warning Point Operator
Mike Russell, Chief of Operations
Nathan Nienhius, Fixed Nuclear Facilities Manager
Johnny Thomas, A-6 FNF Coordinator
Lee Jackson, A-2 FNF Coordinator
Kendall Schoenecker, A-3 FNF Coordinator
Kimberly Shiverdecker, A-1 FNF Coordinator
Matthew Durden, A-4 FNF Coordinator
Darryl Gordon, RAD Maintenance Coordinator
Tim Murphy, Operations Manager
Scot Yarbrough, Region 1 Emergency Manager
David Garner, Region 1 Coordinator
Jim Moore, Region 2 Emergency Manager
Russell Feaster, Region 2 Emergency Coordinator
Melissa Potter, Region 3 Emergency Manager
Pat Patterson, Region 3 Area Coordinator
Jim Grant, Region 4 Emergency Manager
Gregory Hasleden, Region 4 Emergency Coordinator
Bethany Morton, Region 5 Emergency Manager
Brandon Ellis, Region 5 Coordinator
Nicholas Thorpe, Region 6 Emergency Manager
Gretchen Birt, Region 6 Area Coordinator
Randy Jenkins, Operations Coordinator
Elizabeth Ryan, Chief of Recovery and Mitigation
Scott Brown, Recovery Programs Manager
Jessica Stumpf, Individual Assistance Coordinator
Richard Hodgkiss, Private Sector Coordinator
Jenine Stevenson, Public Assistance Officer
Elizabeth Roberts, Public Assistance Coordinator
Allen Fountain, Public Assistance Coordinator
Ashley Graham, Public Assistance Coordinator
Mary Spence, Public Assistance Coordinator
Cameron Horne, Public Assistance Specialist
Samantha Knight, Public Assistance Specialist
Katie Norris,  State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Charlotte Foster, PDM Mitigation Specialist
Howard van Dijk, HMGP Specialist
Amy Shorter, HMGP Specialist
Ryan Guerry, HMGP Specialist






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This page was last updated on March 24, 2015



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