SCEMD Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Phone: 803-737-8500
2779 Fish Hatchery Road
FAX: 803-737-8570
West Columbia, SC  29172
Kim Stenson, Director
Steven Batson, Chief of Staff
Open, Legal Counsel
Rhonda Moore, Personnel Liaison/Administrative Assistant
Joseph Farmer, Chief of External Affairs
Derrec Becker, Public Information Officer
Morgan Denny, Chief of Finance and Administration
Darlene Erskine, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Ramona Wadford, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Deborah Dawson, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
Scott Brown, Chief of Preparedness            
Rob Burton, Plans Manager
Dave Perry, Earthquake Program Coordinator
Andrew Phillips, Hurricane Program Manager
Marshall Sykes, Natural Hazards Plans Coordinator
Pat Miller, Risk Management Coordinator
Louis Walter, Training Manager
Jenine Stevenson, Training Coordinator
Neil Anderson, Exercise Planner
Stanley Parker, WMD Coordinator
Nathan Nienhius, Fixed Nuclear Facilities Manager
Kimberly Shiverdecker, A-1 FNF Coordinator
Delmar Olson, A-2 FNF Coordinator
Donnieth Beaufort, A-3 FNF Coordinator
Kristina Verderame, A-4 FNF Coordinator
Johnny Thomas, A-6 FNF Coordinator
Darryl Gordon, RAD Maintenance Coordinator
Mike Russell, Chief of Operations
Tim Murphy, Operations Manager
Scot Yarbrough, Region One Emergency Manager
Elizabeth Price, Region One Emergency Coordinator
Jim Moore, Region Two Emergency Manager
Emily Fish, Region Two Emergency Coordinator
Bethany Morton, Region Three Emergency Manager
Deanna Coffey, Region Three Emergency Coordinator
Jim Grant, Region Four Emergency Manager
Gregory Hasleden, Region Four Emergency Coordinator
Brandon Ellis, Region Five Emergency Manager
Benjamin Almquist, Region Five Emergency Coordinator
Gretchen Birt, Region Six Emergency Manager
Larry Tucker, Region Six Emergency Coordinator
Brannon Davis, State Warning Point Manager
Matthew Crook, Warning Point Operator
Carol Evans, Warning Point Operator
Viva Goddard, Warning Point Operator
Kelley Huff, Warning Point Operator
Beth Joles, Warning Point Operator
Lee Knight, Warning Point Operator
Betty Steele, Warning Point Operator
Candice Welch, Warning Point Operator
Melissa Potter, Chief of Logistics
Guy Giehart, Logistics Manager
Open, Logistics Coordinator
Bradley Davin, Logistics Coordinator
Gabe Turner, Communications Manager
Sam Fisher, Facility Manager
Charlie Kaufman, GIS Analyst
Elizabeth Ryan, Chief of Recovery and Mitigation
Amber Celestaine, Recovery Programs Support Coordinator
Open, Recovery Support Specialist
Nicole Barnes, Disaster Case Management Officer
Cothea Scott, DCM Program Manager
Monique Curry, DCM Fiscal Manager
Tonya Brown, DCM Monitoring and Data Coordinator
Sarah Reeves, DCM Resource Coordinator
Elizabeth Roberts, Individual Assistance Coordinator
James Hall, Individual Assistance Specialist 
Open, Public Assistance Officer
Open, Public Assistance Manager
Amber Rodriquez, Public Assistance Coordinator
Raven Siroky, Closeout Administrative Assistant
Dale Gaskins, Accountant Fiscal Analyst
Antonio Diggs, Public Assistance Specialist
Jessica Jones, Public Assistance Coordinator
Mary Barefoot, Public Assistance Specialist
Adrienne Jackson, Public Assistance Specialist
David Thachik, Public Assistance Specialist
Open, Public Assistance Specialist
Amy Kingston, Public Assistance Coordinator
Nathan Davis, Public Assistance Specialist
Caitlin Donnelly, Public Assistance Specialist
Crystal Jones, Public Assistance Specialist
Open, Public Assistance Specialist
Allen Fountain, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Charlotte Foster, PDM Specialist
Open, Mitigation Planner
Megan Wood, Mitigation Planner 
Ryan Guerry, Mitigation Manager
Franklin Gibson, Mitigation Grants Coordinator
Travis Carter, Mitigation Specialist
Howard van Dijk, Mitigation Specialist
Open, Mitigation Specialist
James Evans, Mitigation Program Coordinator
Joel Bailey, Mitigation Specialist
Risa Dalsing, Mitigation Specialist
Lindsey Greenbaum, Mitigation Program Coordinator
Mariah Goodwin-Amos, Mitigation Specialist
Beth McHenry, Mitigation Specialist


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This page was last updated on April 28, 2017.

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