NEWS RELEASE: State and County Offices on Same Closing Schedule

WINTER WEATHER ALERT  COLUMBIA, S.C. (Friday, January 25, 11:20 a.m.) -   Due to inclement winter weather moving through many parts of South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has ordered all State government offices and their employees to follow the same winter weather hazard decisions made by the county government officials where the state office is located.   For example, if county officials decide to close county government offices early, state offices in the impacted county will follow the same schedule.


SCEMD urges drivers to monitor local weather reports and use caution due to the possibility of sleet, freezing rain and black ice on roads:

  • Be aware that black ice is almost invisible.
  • Be especially careful on bridges, overpasses, tunnels and on secondary roads in the morning and late evening when the air temperature is changing faster than the pavement temperature.
  • Never brake suddenly while driving on ice. Applying pressure to your brakes while on ice will cause your vehicle to skid.  Be sure to check your vehicles braking system and tire inflation. 
  • Keep your distance. The distance needed to stop on ice is twice as long as under normal driving circumstances.  Keep at least a three-car distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Residents are encouraged to check on elderly and at-risk neighbors and relatives due to the increased potential for power outages and cold temperatures.  Make sure they have a safe, warm place to stay while conditions remain cold and hazardous.  SCEMD also recommends preparing a place indoors for pets and farm animals with extra food and water. 

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