Submitting Mutual Aid Agreement(s)


Read these instructions and useful tips carefully

  1. Execute the appropriate signature page. Make sure to enter your entity’s name on the signature page where indicated.
  2. Fully complete Exhibit A on page 16 of the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement by clicking here,
  3. Submit the appropriate insurance documentation as required. This information is in Section 4 of the Agreement on page 10
  4. After you completed the steps listed above, email the agreement with all documents to
  5. Once the agreement is received, it will be reviewed and the SCEMD Director will sign, and a copy will be emailed to the email address provided. You can also verify the information on our website by clicking the link

Note: If you are just updating contact information, complete the Mutual Aid Contact Form by clicking this link email to

Useful Tips:

  1. We recommend that you follow the document execution and retention process established by your organization, municipality, department, or county (“entity”). Multiple people in your organization should know how to access the document now and in the future.
  2. Please check with your entity’s attorney if you have questions about signing the agreement and who can bind your entity, or which entities are covered by the agreement. SCEMD does not know who can legally bind your fire department, police department, or other entity.
  3. Please note that SCEMD is not tracking the name changes or mergers of your entities over time. SCEMD does not know when the name of your entity changes due to changes in organizational structure. SCEMD cannot advise as to whether your entity needs to execute the agreement.
  4. If you do not include your entity’s name on the signature page, it is difficult to link the document to your entity. We do not know all the names of all the people employed by all participating entities or the signing authorities.