State of South Carolina Operational Conditions

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The South Carolina Emergency Management Division operates on a system of Operational Condition Levels, also known as OPCONS. This numerical scale is how SCEMD, the State Emergency Response Team and counties coordinate, prepare and respond to major emergencies. 

The levels are designed to simplify the steps agencies take in order to fully activate emergency resources. The three OPCONs and their definitions are compatible with the majority of state and federal emergency management organizations nationwide, making the state’s processes and procedures easier to understand for teams deploying into South Carolina during a disaster.

South Carolina’s OPCONs and their definitions are as follows:


OPCON ONE - Full Alert
A disaster or emergency is imminent or occurring. The State Emergency Operations Center is fully activated. All agency personnel are activated or available for activation.


OPCON TWO - Enhanced Awareness
A disaster or emergency is likely to affect the state. Emergency Operations Plans are implemented. The State Emergency Operations Center is partially activated if necessary.


OPCON THREE - Normal Daily Operations
Agencies coordinate, plan, train and exercise as warranted. Incidents are monitored by the State Warning Point and local emergency managers.


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