Kim Stenson, Director (bio)

  • Steven Batson, Chief of Staff
  • Betsy Polk, Legal Counsel
  • OPEN, Personnel Liaison/Administrative Assistant

Derrec Becker, Chief of Public Information & External Affairs

  • Brandon LaVorgna, Public Information Coordinator
  • OPEN, Emergency Alert Coordinator

OPEN, Chief of Finance and Administration

  • Darlene Erskine, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
  • Ramona Wadford, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
  • Deborah Dawson, Acct/Fiscal Analyst
  • Donald Van Cleave,  Finance Specialist

Melissa Potter, Chief of Preparedness

  • Rob Burton, Plans Manager
    • Rachel McCaster, Operational Planner - Risk Management
    • Andrew Phillips, Operational Planner - Hurricane
    • David Thachik, Operational Planner - Earthquake
    • Megan Wood, Operational Planner - Mass Care
    • Ken Struble, COVID/Infectious Disease Program Manager
    • OPEN, Operational Planner - Dam Safety
  • Louis Walter, Training Manager
    • Michael Holmes, Training Coordinator
    • Mark Kranz, Exercise Planner
  • Danilyn Bock, Radiological Emergency Preparedness Manager
    • Parker Riggs, A-1 REP Coordinator
    • Kathy Opalacz, A-2 REP Coordinator
    • Kelley Bradshaw, A-3 REP Coordinator
    • Ron Cain, A-4 REP Coordinator
    • Dana McGill, A-6 REP Coordinator
    • Donneith Beaufort, RAD Maintenance Coordinator
  • Emily Hildebrand, GIS Manager

Mike Russell, Chief of Operations

  • Tim Murphy, Operations Manager
    • Scot Yarbrough, Region One Emergency Manager
      • Elizabeth Price, Region One Emergency Coordinator
    • Kimberly Shiverdecker, Region Two Emergency Manager
      • Michael Brown, Region Two Emergency Coordinator
    • Bethany Morton, Region Three Emergency Manager
      • OPEN, Region Three Emergency Coordinator
    • Jim Grant, Region Four Emergency Manager
      • Gregory Haselden, Region Four Emergency Coordinator
    • Ben Webster, Region Five Emergency Manager
      • Jack Gregory, Region Five Emergency Coordinator
    • Larry Tucker, Region Six Emergency Manager
      • Eric Turner, Region Six Emergency Coordinator
  • Brannon Davis, State Warning Point Manager
    • Matthew Crook, Warning Point Operator
    • Lee Nelson, Warning Point Operator
    • Viva Goddard, Warning Point Operator
    • Kelley Huff, Warning Point Operator
    • Lee Knight, Warning Point Operator
    • Betty Steele, Warning Point Operator
    • Alda Kendall, Warning Point Operator
    • Ethan McCullough, Warning Point Operator
    • OPEN, Warning Point Operator
    • OPEN, Warning Point Operator
    • OPEN, Warning Point Operator


Guy Gierhart, Chief of Operations Support

  • Dave Perry, Logistics Manager
    • Stan Parker, Logistics Coordinator
    • Gabe Turner, Communications Manager
    • Alaina Madeline, Logistics Planner
  • Sam Fisher, Facility Manager
  • Kay Keisler, Procurement Coordinator


Emily Bentley, Chief of Recovery and Mitigation

  • Katie Norris, Deputy Chief of Recovery and Mitigation
    • Zachary Brunsink, Recovery Planner
    • Teigh Berg, Recovery Data Analysis Coordinator
  • Meredith Burns, Individual Assistance Officer
    • Ellison Smith, Voluntary Agency Liaison
  • Jessica Jones, Public Assistance Manager
    • Tanya Cody, Public Assistance Special Projects Coordinator
      • Ian Keogh, Public Assistance Specialist
    • Allison Volk, Public Assistance Operations Coordinator
      • Laurene Davis, Public Assistance Specialist
    • Erika Edwards, Public Assistance Coordinator 
      • Paul Morton, Public Assistance Specialist
      • Jacob Baker, Public Assistance Specialist
      • Amber Jackson, Public Assistance Specialist
      • OPEN, Public Assistance Specialist
    • Nasiru Haruna, Public Assistance Coordinator
      • Courtney Shiver, Closeout Administrative Assistant
      • Antonio Diggs, Public Assistance Specialist
      • OPEN, Public Assistance Specialist
  • Kristel Werntz, Finance and Grants Manager
    • Antonio Johnson, Grants Coordinator
      • Colin Dryden, Grants Specialist
      • Nitesh Parikh, Grants Specialist
      • OPEN, Grants Specialist
      • OPEN, Grants Specialist
    • James Herring, Grants Coordinator
      • Tori Sanford, Grants Specialist
      • Seth Gibson, Grants Specialist
      • OPEN, Grants Specialist
      • OPEN, Grants Specialist
    • Alex Khatib, Recovery Finance Coordinator
      • Ivana Reynoso, Finance Specialist
  • Candice Shealey, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
    • Kim Garvin, Mitigation Grants Coordinator
      • Charlotte Foster, Mitigation Specialist
      • Beth McHenry, Mitigation Specialist
      • Tyler Spires, Mitigation Specialist
      • Addie Roberson, Mitigation Specialist
    • OPEN, Mitigation Grants Coordinator
      • Christine Burroughs, Mitigation Specialist
      • Tasha Toppin-Davis, Mitigation Specialist
      • Jai-An Davidson, Mitigation Specialist
      • OPEN, Mitigation Specialist
      • OPEN, Mitigation Specialist
    • Lindsey McCoy, Mitigation Manager
      • Jason Romlein, Mitigation Planning Specialist
      • OPEN, Mitigation Planning Specialist