What is SCEMD?

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is a part of the S.C. Department of the military and is the primary division of state government that is responsible for coordinating the preparation for, the response to and the recovery from major disasters in South Carolina.


I have an emergency and my life is in danger, can I call SCEMD?

You should call 9-1-1 immediately.

Is SCEMD a first responder agency?

No, SCEMD exists to support local first responders when an emergency situation overwhelms local resources. SCEMD works with each county emergency management director to facilitate plans, resources and support for emergencies.

Does SCEMD have a local office near me?

SCEMD is based out of the State Emergency Operations Center in West Columbia, S.C. In addition, SCEMD has twelve regional emergency managers assigned to work directly with each of the 46 county emergency management offices.

How can I prepare for emergencies?

Having a personal emergency plan is absolutely essential for any South Carolina resident. You can start your plan by visiting the PREPARE section of this website and by downloading the South Carolina Emergency Manager mobile app.

How can I work for SCEMD?

All open positions at SCEMD are posted on the State of South Carolina government jobs portal at jobs.sc.gov and are listed under the Adjutant Generals Office.

I would like someone from SCEMD to make a presentation for my group, who do I contact?

SCEMD can provide you with experienced speakers who have a wealth of knowledge about many aspects of emergency management. Send us as email at pio@emd.sc.gov and let us know the date, time and the number of people attending your event so that we can bring the appropriate amount of materials.

My group would like to take a tour of your facility, is that possible?

Yes! We like hosting visitors at the State Emergency Operations Center. Please contact us at pio@emd.sc.gov to arrange a visit.

How do I get experience in emergency management?

Emergency management depends on people from different backgrounds and experiences in order to be successful. You can start by contacting your county emergency manager and ask about ways to volunteer. Additionally, many schools now offer emergency management degree programs. SCEMD does offer a non-paid internship program that you may inquire about.

Is there a certification process to become an emergency manager?

The South Carolina Certified Emergency Manager program is coordinated by SCEMD and the S.C. Emergency Management Association. There is also an international certification program through the International Association of Emergency Managers.

How do I get information during disasters?

During a major disaster, there will be a LOT of information from a variety of sources. There will also be a lot of misinformation so it’s important for you to identify official, trusted and verified sources of emergency information right now. There are many ways to get official information during emergencies:

  • First, save this website. SCEMD coordinates with all state agencies during a disaster and our website becomes the central point for you to get all statewide information.
  • Check locally with your county emergency management office and follow your local public safety agencies on social media.
  • Follow SCEMD’s social media.
  • Download the South Carolina Emergency Manager mobile app.
  • Sign up for CodeRED Emergency Alerts. Also, check with your local agencies to see if they offer a different type of alerting service.
  • Get a NOAA-certified tone alert weather radio. Be sure to change its batteries every six months.
  • Monitor local media. Our local media will be covering the disaster extensively and SCEMD will provide them with information you will need to know. download the South Carolina Emergency Manager mobile app, sign up for CodeRED Emergency Alerts, follow the official SCEMD social media accounts, contact your local emergency management office and call SCEMD emergency hotline (PIPS) when it’s activated during emergencies.
  • SCEMD’s Public Information Phone System, or PIPS, will be activated during a large disaster. This hotline is your resource to ask any questions you may have. PIPS is only operational during emergencies, so save the number, 1-888-246-0133.
I experienced damage to my home from a recent storm. Does SCEMD provide assistance to help me repair or rebuild?

The State of South Carolina does not currently offer its own disaster recovery program to help residents immediately following a major disaster. Under certain circumstances, the President may declare a disaster following a major emergency (such as a hurricane, earthquake, etc.). That declaration could make available certain federal programs for residents through FEMA. It will be very important to monitor local media and SCEMD’s official social media accounts to know if and when such help is available.