Senior P.R.E.P. Program Kickoff

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When an emergency impacts South Carolina, older adults are among the most vulnerable. Taking precautions ahead of time can greatly benefit seniors in vulnerable situations.

The Senior P.R.E.P. (Planning and Resources for Emergency Preparedness) program, created by the South Carolina Department on Aging (SCDOA), South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD), and Walgreens, provides planning resources to help senior citizens across South Carolina with emergency planning.

Seniors may encounter obstacles during an emergency, including limited mobility and medical needs. The Senior P.R.E.P. program promotes individual preparedness, awareness, and planning with family, friends, and caregivers ahead of an emergency.

Things to Consider:

  • Plan with family, friends, and caregivers to assist with
  • Include necessary assistive technology and medical supplies(i.e., oxygen tank) in your emergency kit.
  • Have a plan or backup resource to power essential medical
  • Check with any agency providing you with services for special provisions in an
  • Have clear and concise instructions for rescue personnel regarding special needs or
  • Map out accessible emergency exits at home and
  • Consider getting a medical alert system that can be used to call for

Everyone can take steps now to prepare for emergencies.

For further information on Senior P.R.E.P., visit local Walgreens locations. Additional resources can be found online at