SCEMD attends SCEMA 2024 conference

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Emergency managers throughout South Carolina came together in the Lowcountry last week for the annual South Carolina Emergency Management Association (SCEMA) conference. This event provides a platform for emergency managers to build strong relationships that can be relied upon to help communities during times of crisis.

Kim Stenson, the Director of South Carolina Emergency Management, spoke to SCEMA members about the state's efforts to maintain robust partnerships before, during, and after a crisis.

Throughout the week-long event, several workshops were held to help agencies learn from each other. One of the workshops group members attended was "Emerging Technologies in Communications" with SCEMD's Communications Manager, Gabe Turner.

One key takeaway from the SCEMA conference is that 2024 will be an essential year for emergency management in South Carolina as the state continues to assist emergency managers in staying up-to-date with disaster preparedness.